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Understanding the End Time Prophetic Vision Internet Site

A Study in Prophetic Inaccuracy and Non-Accountability

By Brian Karjala

End Time Prophetic Vision is a popular "prophetic" site where many Pentecostals and Charismatics regularly visit to read weekly updates from many writers, most of whom claim the title of prophet.  The error propagated from this site would warrant the writing of a long book to fully discuss all of it, but for the sake of time (yours and mine) only some of the more blatant deceptive writings will be highlighted to demonstrate the lack of discernment as well as the acceptance of error by the site's moderator, Bill Somers, and his supporters.

The so-called "Spirit-led" writings on the site usually address monumental events the authors predict are about to take place... but never come to pass.  Most of the writings are very general and reveal a mixture of truth and error.  Occasionally a gem can be found among the list of weekly posted articles but, unfortunately, there is too much fluff and nonsense on the site to make it something I could recommend to others as good devotional reading.  Scripture is sometimes used to lend credibility to the topics and issues discussed, and other times Scripture is outright ignored and replaced with new revelations (embellished with Christian terminology) that are either extra-biblical or altogether anti-biblical.

One general theme expressed by many of the writers is the belief that a "new anointing" is about to be released to believers.  This teaching is familiar to those of us who know that in Charismatic circles there is always talk about a "new anointing" that is "soon" to be "poured out."  Too many people are not content to accept the anointing written about in the Bible.  (Read on and you'll discover why I'm so suspicious about this "new anointing.")  [There's nothing new under the sun.]

Sometimes a writer will make a prediction that is more specific and easier to verify over time as to whether or not the prediction proved to be accurate.  One of the more disturbing accounts revealing the deceptive spirit behind much of the "prophetic" list came from the "prophet" Harley Hickling.  Here is an excerpt from an article (posted 02/07/99) where he wrote about an experience he had in December of 1998 (where he claims the Lord told him what would happen in 1999):

I was only seated for a few seconds when I asked the Lord what the future held for Pres. Clinton as he had been impeached by the Congress earlier that day.  He told me he would go to trial in January and leave office in February, though He didn't say whether the President would resign or be removed from office.  I then asked whether Gore would be re-elected in 2000 and the Lord said no, that he wouldn't even be a candidate for office in 2000.   (Visit: Major Changes to read the entire article.)

Well, Clinton did not resign or leave office early and Gore was the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000.  So the events "prophesied" by Hickling did not come to pass as they were said to.  One then has to wonder:  Who was the "Lord" who spoke these inaccurate words to the man?  It was not the Lord Jesus, for His words are true and accurate (see Revelation 3:14).  We can only conclude that the words either originated with the flesh or were delivered to the man through an evil spirit disguised as an angel of light (see 2 Corinthians 11:14).  (This conclusion applies also to the other "prophets" discussed later in this writing.)

So was Hickling chastised by the moderator of the "prophetic" list for maligning the name of our God?  Not at all!  There was never a public apology issued by Hickling for the erroneous words he hailed as coming from the Lord nor was there an apology from the moderator for his role in promoting the deception.  Further disturbing is the fact that Hickling continues to be a regular contributor to the list.  (It should also be noted that both individuals neglected to answer e-mail messages where I asked each of them for an explanation regarding the "prophecy.")

The above incident is only one example of the many kinds of false words that are alleged to have originated from our Lord.  Words that are rarely or never brought to account.  The "prophetic" site has also documented an article (posted on 10/05/97) revealing the deception of the well-known Charismatic "grand-daddy" Kenneth Hagin.  Hagin predicted in July of 1997 that in October of that year an explosion of spiritual activity would develop in St. Louis which would spread to the rest of the nation.  But this never happened.  Hagin's "word" is an example of a popular "prophetic" leader bringing shame on the Christian name.  (To access the "prophecy" visit: Kenneth Hagin: July 1997 Prophecy.)

If you're like me you must be wondering why such blatant error is tolerated by the supporters of these "prophetic" people!  How is it that these pretend prophets manage to keep the trust and interest of so many?  Clearly, damage control is practiced by these false brethren.  The words of the false teacher Rick Joyner reveal to us the kind of excuses made to justify error . . .

One of the greatest hazards affecting maturing prophets is the erroneous interpretation of the Old Testament exhortation that if a prophet ever predicted something which did not come to pass he was no longer to be considered a true prophet (see Deut. 18:20-22).  The warning was that if this happened, the prophet had been presumptuous and the people were not to fear him.  If one predicts something in the name of the Lord, and it does not come to pass, he has probably spoken presumptuously and needs to be repented of, but that does not make him a false prophet.  No one could step out in the faith required to walk in his calling if he knew that a single mistake would ruin him for life.   (Source: The Prophetic Ministry, The Morning Star Prophetic Newsletter, Rick Joyner, n.d. Vol. 3, No. 2, Pg. 2)

Contrary to what Joyner writes, a true prophet of God would not misrepresent what God has spoken to him.  We know this from the demonstration of God's prophets in the Bible.  When God spoke to His servants His voice was unmistakable and His words were unfailing.  (It seems that today's "prophets" regard every thought that enters their minds as being a "word" from the Lord.  This is what gets them into so much trouble!)

Joyner and his cohorts would have us believe that anointed prophets of God are capable of making erroneous prophetic pronouncements.  This heretical teaching implies that God's anointing and favor resides with people who hear a voice not of God and proclaim that voice as being from God.  (By the way, the false prophets Joyner defends are all guilty of each committing more than a "single mistake.")  Joyner further errors when he discards the way the Bible defines a false prophet.  He does this because it is the only way he can defend those like himself who speak falsely in the name of God.  According to his interpretation there is no such thing as a false prophet.  He creates an environment where there is no sin and therefore no consequence for sin.  "Prophets" can say whatever they want with no fear of losing credibility among their disciples who have been conditioned to believe that tolerance and acceptance is the Godly response toward those prone to giving false prophetic messages.  (It's a good thing for Joyner and his associates that they did not live in biblical times because they would have surely been stoned for their frequent misrepresentations of our Lord!)

[The inability of these charlatans to identify sin reveals to us why crude and crass undignified characters like David Hogan and Todd Bentley are celebrated as "anointed."  The signs and wonders crowd have no understanding of God's holiness and therefore accept and defend all manner of disrespectful behavior for fear of going against "the anointing" which is a label they attach to anyone who boasts about the miraculous.  (But these frauds can never prove their miraculous claims.)  Fear is embedded within the dupes of these false teachers about the "dangers" of "speaking against God's anointed."  Questions about the legitimacy of any given "prophetic" type or "revivalist" are met with stern warnings.]

The "prophetic" list has also recorded some of the false prophecies Rick Joyner has issued in the name of God.  In an article (posted 05/04/97) the moderator of the list, Somers, reprinted Joyner's failed prophecies for 1989 believing that they had relevance for the near future.  (Why someone would try to apply a past false prophetic message to a new time is beyond me to understand.)  The church scandals / attacks Joyner predicted did not take place in the last year of the 1980's as he said they would nor did they transpire in the decade after (praise God).  Joyner has never publicly repented for those false words or for the words of his other failed predictions (in contrast to what he wrote stating the need for "presumptuous prophets" to repent).  (To read the article visit: Onslaught Against the Church.)

It is clear that some of the most compelling evidence to prove that there is rampant deception among professing Christians can be found by reading the "prophetic" list of Bill Somers.  As another example, consider the article (posted on 09/05/99) that informed us about professing Christians worldwide who were "prophesying" horrific judgments they said would come to pass in the fall of the year 1999 just before the year 2000.  One recurring prediction claimed that the United States would be attacked by Russian and Chinese military forces.  Men from a California based ministry called 'Ground Zero' made a lot of noise when they distributed pamphlets promoting "prophetic" messages from self-proclaimed prophets around the world who not only warned about what they said were the coming judgments of God but also specified the dates when those judgements would come to pass (and said that only national repentance could stop it).  The words of various "prophets" sharing similar messages (giving people a sense of undoubting confirmation) convinced many that the "prophecies" and dreams of these "prophets" foretold of some very real and frightening events -- events, of course, that did not come to pass.  There was no act of national repentance like Jonah obtained from Nineveh to reverse the judgement so we know that all this hype was born out of a false spirit.  The testimony of our Lord was again mutilated before Christians and non-Christians alike.  (To read the article visit: The Judgment of War in 1999.)

The End Time Prophetic Vision site could best be described as a monument to false prophecy and bad teaching.  The only qualification people need to be allowed to submit a dream, prophecy, vision or other "insight" is to prove that they are members of a church.  This is ridiculous.  The site must establish a guideline demanding that the Bible's requirement of complete prophetic accuracy be enforced for those claiming the mantle of prophet.  (Yet, with this standard in place the list would be hard pressed for content!)  The site also needs to insist that solid Scriptural support be required for the writings posted (in his writings this heretic Somers denies sola scriptura).  These guidelines must be implemented if the integrity of the Name and Word of our God is to be upheld among men.

Remember, the Lord Jesus warned us . . .

"Many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many."
(Matthew 24:11)

The Lord also said . . .

"Many will say to Me on that day [of judgment], Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name? . . . And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness'."
(Matthew 7:22-23)

NOTE:  None of the people contributing to the list warned us about the Sept. 11th attacks.  However, seemingly all of them since that day want to weigh in on the matter.  Their responses are merely reactionary, not anticipatory.  The Bible reveals to us that God's prophets were far more knowledgeable and effective than what we've seen from these present-day "Monday morning quarterbacks".  (I wonder if these people still believe Amos 3:7 applies to them...).  The horrendous reality is that these snakes give blessing to the evildoers who planned and executed 9/11:  Sabotage.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The "prophetic" site preached that the (immoral) John McCain would be God's answer to restoring America to righteousness (one example: McCain and Palin Prophecy to the Church).  The absurdity of this mindset suggests either the influence of deceiving spirits or mental illness.  This sick mindset also testifies to the hypnotic effect of the brainwashing American churches who specialize in portraying evil as good.  For the record, McCain is not a Christian.  He is a serial adulterer, supports massive illegal immigration (because it breaks down national identity and paves the way for internationalism), supports legal benefits for sexual deviants, betrayed POW/MIAs (ask their families), and endorses endless destructive wars.  There is little difference between John McCain and the thug Barack Hussein Obama.

* Bill Somers died in April 2010.  His site is now defunct.

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