Censorship of Tom Papania's Fraud

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Censorship of Tom Papania's Fraud

By Brian Karjala

The two February 2001 New York NBC newscasts exposing Thomas Papania's fraud were the last time the mainstream media anywhere reported the truth about this fraudster.  Since that time only positive reports about the man are allowed (like the 2009 FOX News Channel's praise of Papania).  Early 2001 is when the news media blackout went into effect.  That's why two subsequent court cases concerning Papania were never reported on by any mainstream news organizations.

Have you ever seen the A&E television program called Dog the Bounty Hunter?  A friend of Duane "Dog" Chapman is Bobby Brown, a private investigator and bail bondsman who appears in some of the episodes.  At the bottom of the comments section at this page Brown made reference to my webpage where I posted a letter from Focus on the Family regarding Papania.

Bobby Brown occasionally appears in the mainstream media.  I've seen him interviewed on my local Colorado NBC station.  This is the same station where, in late 2006, a female producer contacted me through e-mail to inquire about this website.  She informed me that her staff had found the information they were looking for on Ted Haggard and let me know that they were also interested in "a person by the name of Tom Papania."  When I offered to send the producer a copy of the legal threat I received from Papania I never heard back from her.  This NBC station promotes itself as Southern Colorado's news leader.  Regarding the news blackout of Papania, I've wondered why Bobby Brown never followed up on his 2009 reports about sexual abuse at both Focus on the Family and New Life Church.  (Brown originally promised to expose all the criminals at these organizations but has since dropped his investigation and removed all related content from his website.)

I've seen a lot of strange behavior from people reacting to this subject.  Some have thrown temper tantrums and exhibited vitriolic hatred toward me upon discovering my writings.  Those who understand the importance of the issue and agree with my findings are afraid to be identified.  The man living in Austraila who wrote me this letter didn't even want me to publish his first name.  Also, a website exposing the deception of the Worldwide Church of God has a section detailing the corruption of Focus on the Family.  At one time the webmaster at that site had posted a link to one of my web pages but later removed the link after she was intimidated by an e-mail Papania sent to her.  Quite frankly, a lot of people are living in fear.

None of the so-called discernment ministers will touch this issue.  You won't hear about Papania's fraud from the counter-cult minister and self-professed "Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff (friend of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson who's Colorado organization is responsible for launching Papania's career).  The Papania issue topples all the idols of "Evangelical" and "Charismatic" churchianity who are involved in the cover-up of this fraud (besides Focus on the Family several other big name "ministries" once promoted Papania).  So those organizations claiming to be Christian are involved in the same cover-up that we see in the secular media.  Many high-profile "Christian" preachers have close ties and relationships with media-approved secular politicians promoting a new world order (really an old world order).  They all act with one mind.  These new world orderlies protect their own (their religious lackeys who promote their unending destructive wars).

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