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Christians Not to Be Conformed to this World

Rory Moore, author of "The Tithe That Binds", wrote to me explaining the relationship of the man-made church with the world:

The church is 501c3 incorporated and recognized by the state.  Corporations are by law, "conformed to the world" and they are married ("an unequal yoke" and an "agreement with darkness") to the government of men (according to the Bible, a beast kingdom which are given to satan to rule over. -Matthew 4).  The church even is structured with a ceo/board and by-laws which are all unscriptural and also conformed to this world.

This correspondent also notes the Scriptural reasons why I do not ask for money or have a PayPal link on this site:

Paul said in I Cor. 9:18 "that I preach the gospel without charge", II Thess 3:8-9 "we did not eat any one's bread without paying, but with toil and labor we worked night and day, that we might not burden any of you.  It was not because we have not that right, but to give you in our conduct an example to imitate.Jesus told His ministers when He sent them out "Freely you have received, freely give".  There is no Biblical record of Paul taking tithes or salary, or teaching any church to tithe.

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