Focus on the Family Director's Non-Response to Evidence of Wrongdoing

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Focus on the Family's Evasive Response about Brian Karjala's Reports

From Brian Karjala:

In January 2007 a long time Focus supporter by the name of Randy wrote to Focus on the Family about my writings.  After receiving the standard form letter about Tom Papania he made a further inquiry based on questions I gave him to ask.  This is the second e-mail response he received, and none of my questions were answered:

Dear Randy:

Greetings once again from Focus on the Family. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts with us and the vote of confidence you have demonstrated in coming to us directly.  As you may have surmised from the Web sites you've visited and the correspondence you've received, Brian Karjala is a disgruntled ex-employee. We certainly concur with your exhortation that we seek the Lord's guidance and discernment in *all* we undertake.

Thanks, again, for writing.  May God bless you!

Ken Janzen
Director, Office of the Chairman

This man Ken Janzen is a professional deceiver (a paid liar, here using the lie of omission).

By referring to me as a disgruntled ex-employee Janzen infers that the problem is with me.  In actuality, the depression I suffered upon learning about the corruption within Focus on the Family was a reaction to that corruption.  Any individual indwelt by the Holy Spirit would react in the same manner I did when confronted with hypocrisy and lies.  But the specifics of that fraud I have reported on this website are not addressed by this Focus director.

I'm a concerned Christian who believes that those who claim to be moral leaders should be accountable to the public and should not lie (silly me, huh?).  My correspondence to Randy simply stated the facts of my experience as a Focus employee and how Focus leaders have failed to warn the public about Papania's fraud.  In addition, Focus leaders have never apologized for their role in skyrocketing Tom Papania's career or for profiting off his lies.  Focus on the Family will not address the facts and concerns of my reports.  Notice also that they do not deny the truth of my reports.  They dismissingly attach me with the "disgruntled" label while ignoring what I have written.  My advice to the public is this:  confront them on the issues and don't let them sidetrack you by trying to make me the issue.

Ask the organization why they haven't posted a warning about Papania's fraud on any of their websites or why James Dobson's radio programs and newsletters are silent about the Papania problem.  Ask Focus if they are responsible for recruiting the lawyer who threatened to destroy me financially if I did not keep quiet about Papania's fraud (the lawyer has a link on his website to the Focus on the Family website...and Papania claims that this lawyer contacted him to volunteer his services to get websites like mine removed).  Ask Focus how much money they paid out to settle with Rocky Scarfone (in the year 2000).  They don't like these questions, and they want you the public to be satisfied with their incomplete and deceptive replies.  With increased exposure on these issues they're becoming nervous, and job security is their primary concern.

Ken Janzen by his own words has implicated himself in the Papania cover-up.  You'll notice that this director for Dobson refers to me as an ex-employee.  These people would love to refer to me as an employee they terminated (as they have done with other former employees) but they know that I quit on grounds of conviction.  And they despise me for not keeping quiet about it.

If you haven't already, see my reports.  I report on much more than just the Papania problem:

The Deceit of Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family

The Investigation of Tom Papania
(Includes info about the lawyer who threatened me.)

NOTE:  At the time the above e-mail was written James Dobson was chairman of Focus on the Family.  In late February 2009 Dobson resigned as chairman.

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