Tom Papania Threatened Brian Karjala with a Lawsuit

The Ashbrook Heights address is no longer my current address.

Tom Papania's lawyer, D. Kent Shelton, claimed that I've made "untrue" statements about his client but does not offer any specific examples.  That's because all of my writings about Tom Papania are true and accurate.  That's why I was never sued.

I have not committed defamation.  This attorney is a liar just like his client.

Shelton offered me a "possible settlement."  It is logical to assume that since Papania paid money to settle with Rocky Scarfone (in October 2002 in exchange for Scarfone removing from his websites all negative info about Papania) the same offer would be made to me.  If that's the case, I'm not interested in money.  My only motivation is to warn people about the fraud I have discovered and I will not be deterred.

These clowns don't scare me.  My web pages continue to report on the fraud of Tom Papania.  So when Shelton informed me that if my negative material about his client was not removed by mid-January of 2005 they would "pursue all available legal remedies including punitive damages, attorney's fees, and costs of litigation"... they were bluffing.  They were lying.  They know they have no case against me.  If they couldn't scare me into voluntarily removing my web pages they were willing to settle with me.

Only a degenerate scumbag would agree to represent a con like Tom Papania (a pathological liar: video proof).  D. Kent Shelton soiled his own name from now through eternity.

-- Brian Karjala

(Don't mess with Colorado.)

The Investigation of Tom Papania

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