Deception in the Name of God (perpetrated by Peter Popoff)

This letter is in the same condition it was received (it came with yellow highlights).  The Colorado Springs address is one of many old addresses I've used in the past and has long been obsolete.  If you wish, please contact me at the e-mail address provided below.

Peter Popoff is guilty of something known as the "personalized" letter scam (a form of mail fraud).  He makes people believe that he is writing to them personally when in fact it is the work of a computer used by his staff who insert a person's info into the text of a pre-written letter (using the person's name, address and prayer request).

A correspondent to this website reported to me that she and her husband received an identical letter with added words from a Rev. Paul Lewis in June 2007, exactly ten years after I received my Peter Popoff letter.  (I've verified the existence of the Lewis letter and now have it in my possession.)  In November 2007 another correspondant wrote to tell me that he had received the same letter from a Rev. Jim Whittington (who's based in Atlanta).

This kind of deception flourishes due to the lack of awareness and education from Christian ministers who have largely failed to protect their congregations and communities from this evil.  Predators like Popoff have capitalized on disenfranchised societies which neglect the basic needs of lonely and hurting people.  Popoff will further isolate and entrap these poor souls by instructing each targeted person to keep the "personalized" solicitation letters private because he knows that more eyes on the letters increases the likelihood that his scam will be seen for what it really is.  Popoff also manipulates by using fear with his stated claims that people who violate his instructions of confidentiality risk losing the blessings he has promised them.

The late Oral Roberts actually learned this deception decades back from one James Eugene Ewing who developed the computerized mailing scam adopted by many televangelists.  Ewing has operated under many different names, most recently using the name Saint Matthew's Churches.

(One of the best and very sobering reality-based / Scripturally sound instructional video productions available on DVD:  "The Signs & Wonders Movement Exposed".)

If you examine the last paragraph of the letter above you will notice that Popoff (or his ghost writer) connects a person's financial contribution (sacrifice) to his ministry with obedience to the Holy Spirit.  In contrast to this teaching, the Lord Jesus Christ told the Pharisees (the religious Popoffs of the time) that He desires mercy and not sacrifice (see Matthew 9:13; 12:7; reference also Psalm 51:17).  Popoff uses spiritual manipulation in order to increase his wealth.  He associates his evil intent with the will and Spirit of God (thus committing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit).  Indeed, if Popoff has no shame or no guilt knowing that he has maligned the name of God and damaged and ruined lives throughout the world the case can be made that he has probably already crossed over into the unpardonable sin (but no one is unredeemable; I make this statement not for Popoff's benefit but for those readers who may fear that God will not accept them).  If the televangelist does not take this last opportunity given unto him to repent his soon and eventual destruction will be swift (2 Peter 2:1-3).

Hey do you like them apples?  Sincerely, "Brother" Karjala

Popoff is right about one thing:  God sees.

"There's gonna be some world-shakin'!" (Cool Hand Luke)

UPDATE (12/24/11)
Thanks to a tipster I believe I now have the info people have been searching for years to find:
The home address for the televangelist ghost writing scammer James Eugene Ewing:
606 N. Alpine Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3304
(Sales Date: 10-08-2009)

It has been reported to me that Gene Ewing has the house registered in his wife Elizabeth's mother's name (surname Rooney).

The ownership information from lists the buyer address of the above Beverly Hills mansion at a Tulsa address:
515 Main St. Unit 300
Tulsa, OK 74103-4465

The above Tulsa address is for The Joyce Law Firm which in the past has had as its client James Eugene Ewing and his organization Saint Matthew's Churches.

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