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From Brian Karjala
(a watchman on the wall):

"If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
(2 Chronicles 7:13-14; KJV)

Since the year 2016 I have been involved in five (5) separate court cases.  There are people who have been actively working to destroy my life and ruin my reputation.  This is documented through court papers and other forms of evidence.  I've represented myself in all of these cases (no attorneys).  This explains my long periods of absence when I did not add content to this website and why I did not have the time to write full replies to people's emails.

In February 2015 a man contacted me to share his story about how his court battles resulted in his permanent separation from his daughter.  He also testified to the large number of suicides attributed to men who were removed from their children's lives due to court orders.  I decided then to give immediate attention on this page to that tragic injustice (scroll down this page to the posting date of 2/15/15).  Not long after publishing my post there were certain lying persons who started spreading rumors suggesting that I was a physical danger to my daughter who also plotted and schemed to have Abby permanently removed from my life.

These demonic-controlled entities (some of whom are family members) came after me with a vengeance and wanted to hurt me in the worst possible way they could.  God will punish each and every one of these evildoers.

"Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous." (Psalm 31:18; KJV)

I moved my writings about past weather disasters from this page to a new page:
Colorado Springs Fires of 2012 and 2013

Colorado Bill Requires "Re-Education" for Parents Who Refuse the Coronavirus Vaccine

Interracial Crime Statistics of 2018

FBI Statistics of Murders of Blacks and Whites in the United States

The Fraud of Martin Luther King Jr.

Just over two years ago I uploaded a short video onto YouTube about chemtrails seen in the sky over the town of Monument, Colorado.  I just noticed that YouTube added an encyclopedia entry (above my video description) wrongly implying that what I call chemtrails are actually contrails.  Also, at the same time YouTube marked my video with the contrail disinformation all of the comments for my video were deleted without my permission and with no warning:
Chemtrails in Monument, Colorado (video)
I'm not a regular YouTube creator.  I've been occupied with so many issues these last several years which is why I haven't been able to update this website very often.  Yet even a short video on a small channel (that I never advertised outside of this website) has now been censored by YouTube.

Chuck Baldwin - My Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

Supernatural Bible Changes - FACT (video)

Proofs Billy Graham was a 33 Degree Mason (video)

The herbicide and defoliant chemical Agent Orange was widely used by the U.S. military in Vietnam.  It is believed that my dad's exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war (with the U.S. Army) produced birth defects in my older sister Kristy.  Since the end of the war generations of Vietnamese have from birth experienced similar and often much worse physical deformities than what my sister had.  Kristy's premature death in 2003 at age 29 would make her yet another casualty of the Vietnam war.

Only satanists would have the desire and ability to cause widespread environmental damage and subject multitudes of people to the health problems created by that herbicidal warfare program.

"This war is like all wars really...the undertakers are winning it." -- Shenandoah (1965 movie)

"And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness." (1 John 5:19; KJV)

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump's Jewish Elite Mafia and the 5 Dancing Israelis (video)

Top Roman Catholic Leaders Promote the Satanic New World Order (video)
Shortly before the 2016 U.S. presidential election both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were present at the same Catholic event.

Not long after the 1993 presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton I watched a TV press interview where Hillary Clinton confessed to having a two-way conversation with what she believed to be the spirit of the deceased Eleanor Roosevelt, who Hillary said gave her advice on how to act as a First Lady . . .

I cannot find that video online, although there are numerous print media articles relaying the same info.  I did find a more recent video of Bill admitting in a speech that his wife regularly communes with Eleanor . . .

Communicating with the dead (necromancy) is forbidden by God.  Hillary is a practicing witch and an abomination.

Bill Clinton Admits Hillary Clinton Talks to the Dead (video)

Note:  This denunciation of Hillary should not be misconstrued as an endorsement for Donald Trump.  Trump is himself a deeply corrupted individual.

Earlier today, after formulating the phrase "deeply corrupted" I decided to do an internet search to see how often the phrase appears online.  I was immediately directed to Old Testament Scripture:

"They have deeply corrupted themselves, as in the days of Gibeah: therefore he [God] will remember their iniquity, he will visit their sins."  (Hosea 9:9; KJV)

Warning to Christians in America:  Do not be deceived into casting a vote in favor of Donald Trump.  If you believe Trump represents the "lessor of two evils" you are demonstrating tolerance for his multitude of sins.  The man is an unrepentant sinner who lives under the judgment of God. 

See:  The Deep Background of Donald Drumpf (Trump)

The Harmful Effects of Chemtrails
(article concludes with a biblical analysis of the life-threatening phenomenon)

The Satanic Life of Donald Trump
(Includes info on the many deceptions of Billy Graham.)

A week ago I studied the links and comments from the above linked article and came across reports about the dysfunctional behavior of Billy Graham's grandchildren.  I remembered that I had very limited interaction with one of Billy's grandsons while attending college in Florida (Palm Beach Atlantic in West Palm Beach, in the mid-1990s).  I was trying to think of his name.  I knew that the fellow PBA Sailfish had an unusual name so last week I did some research and (re)discovered what it is:  Tullian Tchividjian (his mother is Virginia "Gigi" Graham, the oldest child of Billy and Ruth Graham).  At an off-campus Bible study I attended (in a living room setting) the group leader one night began the meeting by asking Tullian how his grandfather was doing (following the news of Billy's hospitalization at the time).

In my research I was surprised to learn that Tullian took over as senior pastor at the highly publicized Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church after the death of its well-known founder, D. James Kennedy.  I was further surprised to discover that last year Tullian resigned from that church because of an extramarital affair which also led to his divorce.  He had since joined the staff of another Florida Presbyterian church which just a few weeks ago terminated his employment after knowledge of another (earlier) affair was brought to their attention.

I would see Tullian on occasion when there were 25 or more people at the weekly Bible study (he knew my first name then).  It was an older home located a short walking distance from the PBA campus.  Pictured below is the house where the group met.  The 20 year-old picture shows a smaller group of us gathered on a weekend evening to eat dinner prepared by some of the girls.  I am the second person from the left.

(1996 spring semester; West Palm Beach, FL)

On the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia:

Antonin Scalia and the Cover-Up of Vincent Foster's Murder

Justice Scalia's Sordid Simulacrum


Governor Bill Clinton, Vice President George H. W. Bush and Governor George Wallace (1983)
(Source: CBS News)

For decades Bill and George Sr. have worked together for the same goals.  For a short time, as part of their deception, the two men played their TV roles as political opposites during the 1992 presidential election season.  In recent years their long-lasting friendship is openly public (although deceitfully portrayed by the mainstream media as something that developed after both of them finished their terms in the White House).

The Bush and Clinton families are connected to the same criminal networks which for years have plagued America and much of the world.  To exemplify this reality visit the linked article below to see and read about one of the most important historical photos of the 20th century:

The CIA's "Operation Forty" Assassination Squad

Fraud - Oregon Shooting Hero Chris Mintz

The Realist Report:  The Assault on White Women (video)

A Review of Jonathan Cahn's The Mystery of the Shemitah:
When a False Teacher Calls America Israel

Probe Reveals Red Cross Raised $500M for Haiti but Built Only 6 Homes
I gave a general prediction of this outcome over four and-a-half years ago (scroll down this column and read what I wrote on the date of 12/5/10).  When one identifies and understands the criminal elements surrounding such projects it becomes easy to predict this kind of disappointing outcome.

Was the Battle of Lexington (1775) a False Flag?

The Karjala Family (mid-1970s)
YouTube; 3 minutes

(Earliest film of my sister Kristy and me.)

Focus on the Family's long history of refusal to speak out against corruption in the family courts (from the perspective of a divorced father who personally contacted me concerning his separation from his daughter):
Focus on the Family's Message to Divorced Dads & The Philosophy of Father Replacement

Heretics and Hypocrites

Majoring in Debt

The Noah Hollywood Movie Deception (video)

Shame?  Are we capable of it?

The Lynching of George Zimmerman (video)

Terror Drills Gone Live
(The methodology of modern false-flag terror events.)

Failure of Mainstream Media to Debunk Sandy Hook Theories (pdf)

Sandy Hook Fraud: Robbie Parker (Actor!) (video)

Expert Witness of JFK Assassination...and What Happened to Him (video)

Remember the USS Liberty

Billy Graham Offers to Help Mormon Mitt Romney and then Removes Section from Website Calling Mormonism a Cult!

The Cult of Evangelical Leadership:
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Fathers, don't let your daughters grow up to be soldiers:
The Invisible War (movie trailer)

Mysterious Death of Nurse Who Treated Theater Shooting Victims

Questions about the Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

The Men Who Orchestrated WW2

The Museum of Idolatry

Scripturally illiterate morons like my former employer say that America can only be blessed if people vote correctly in the next election.  True prophets of God will tell you that only through repentance will souls be saved.

Nations rise and fall.  Historically there is no basis to hope for "national repentance."  The Scriptures speak of a small remnant of Christian believers with the vast majority of the world population perishing.

No politician will save you from the coming destruction.  Not Ron Paul.  Not anyone.  Those of us with keen memories remember when Dr. Paul disavowed 9/11 truth during the 2008 Republican presidential primaries.  And anyone who writes a book against the enslaving debt creation ("End the Fed") who neglects to name and denounce the families who own the Federal Reserve is not to be trusted.

War propagandists such as James Dobson and the thousands of false Christian pastors like him have brought America to the national collapse that is now upon us:

The Horrific Truth of War (video)

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.  It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
(FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, August 1956)

Rabbi Confesses that Israel Conducted the 9/11 Attacks

There are questions as to the authenticity of the "rabbi" in the radio interview.  It appears to be someone using the cover of a fake persona ("Abraham Finkelstein") in order to speak much truth about an evil group of people who run this world (of which the "rabbi" represents).

Let me briefly explain the details in the short audio clip for those who are not familiar with the events concerning the destruction of New York's Twin Towers and Building Seven:

After the attacks Larry Silverstein (owner of the Towers) filed two insurance claims for the maximum amount of the policy on the complex with the argument that there were two separate terrorist attacks on the Towers (that's the rabbi's reference to the "doubled" coverage on the buildings which he says allowed his friend to make four times his original investment on that massive insurance scam).  The rabbi also uses the word "pulling" which is slang for controlled demolition (hear Silverstein's 2002 PBS admission to "pull" Building Seven).  By "shorting" stocks on the airlines (before the attacks) a lot of money was also made by these conspirators when the airlines lost money after the destruction.

These men will burn in hell for all eternity.

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."
(Revelation 2:9)

"For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel."
(Romans 9:6)

UPDATE:  The Cover-Up of Zionist Organized Crime (video)

9/11 Masterminds: Explosive Revelations (video)

People think that committed Christians like myself are in spiritual rebellion because we do not submit to the "authority" of any local controlling carnal pastor.  I've had many conversations over the years with these types of pastors and their supporting church members.  I can tell them all about the pain I've experienced in the world of "churchianity" but my sad stories do not mean anything to them (because they are themselves a part of that same abusive system).  They have no understanding why life-long Christians like myself abhor the sin nature (and in their desire to suppress valid criticism they are quite fond of using the "no church is perfect" line as a way to cover up their rank evil).  They will downplay the importance of any past wrongdoing I tell them has come against me because very often they are themselves guilty of practicing the same hurtful behavior (all the while claiming that they do not believe in making excuses for sin).  Yet in their foolish minds they think that their moral compromising and uncaring nature will somehow appeal to me in a way that will make me want to attend their meetings.

I've seen the same pattern throughout my life in many cities throughout the United States.  I can break down the recruitment process of these impostor Christians into a two-step process I call:  Demean and Dominate.

First the deceivers will belittle me into making me think that I am somehow inadequate (vulnerable people are the most susceptible to this approach).  Then the deceivers will offer to be the spiritual advisors who can "help" me.  The demeaning process is usually very subtle and their attempts to dominate me will sometimes include the use of flattering remarks.  But once these deceivers gain the trust of their victims the unbiblical demands they make of them will become more rigorous over time.  Anyone who does not comply with such demands is made to feel like he or she is disobeying God.

At a young age I learned to read body language.  I can always tell when people are about to talk down to me.  Usually right before they speak their heads will tilt back slightly with a stern look on their faces.  The Scriptures are right:  the haughty really do lift their heads high.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory (video)
(in under five minutes)

On a Saturday morning earlier this month I read from mainstream news sources about Seal Team 6 being killed in Afghanistan.  I expected such a thing to happen because in May I was studying articles like this one.  Apparently the seal team members were dead in early May but the official White House propaganda story claimed that there were no American casualties resulting from the reported May 1st raid on the Pakistan compound.  So myself and others reasoned that the soldiers would have to be officially killed off at a later time.

Osama bin Laden was not living in Pakistan earlier this year.  It is my belief that the long-time CIA asset was dead by late 2001 from multiple health related problems.  The large establishment news outlets were reporting Osama's death in December 2001 (some of these online references can still be accessed from this page).

So the official U.S. government story fabricated in May says that the American military killed Osama bin Laden and then threw his corpse off of an aircraft carrier into the sea.  Yeah, sure.  Whatever.  Dispose of the body without verifying from independent sources the physical evidence that could be documented with pictures and videos of an autopsy.  Upon hearing this ridiculous tale I remembered an episode from a TV program called Unsolved Mysteries I watched almost two decades ago about the reported 1865 death of Abraham Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth.  Amazingly, I was able to recall that one historian interviewed on that program claimed that if the man killed by Union soldiers in the barn was indeed the real Presidential assassin the corpse would have been photographed.  But no such pictures were taken.  That's because the man killed in the barn was not Booth.

Here's the video segment I first watched many years ago:

We do not have all of the details concerning these historical matters but we know more than enough to understand that something is terribly wrong in this world.

The moral of the story:  Don't trust the government and don't ever join the military (no matter how bad your financial situation might be).

July 2021 update:  I posted the video from Unsolved Mysteries on YouTube.  It is from season 4, episode 2 (original air date: 9/25/91).  A synopsis of that show can be viewed

Zeitgeist Refuted (full movie)

In December 1986 my parents enrolled me and my two younger brothers at a karate studio in Las Vegas.  The instructor was Bob Chaney.  Mr. Chaney could be a very cruel man.  He criticized me a lot about my quiet nature but also complimented me on my disciplined behavior.

Not long after we signed up for his classes my family visited a local video store to rent a 1983 movie called "The Instructor" that Mr. Chaney starred in.  It's the worst karate movie I've ever seen.  But me and my brothers did laugh pretty hard when we watched it (and I could never fully respect Mr. Chaney after watching that garbage).

If you have six minutes to kill you can watch a clip from that movie on YouTube:

Bob Chaney in "The Instructor"

Now that's what I call an ego run amuck.  And I thought my (almost reformed) mafia contacts had anger issues.

Okay, I'll set up the movie scene for you.  Chaney and his friend are jogging in the wrong part of town near the railroad tracks.  His friend sees a woman being attacked and tries to rescue her (and for some reason Chaney stays back in the shadows).  But the sexual assault scene is a set-up and the woman is in on it.  The joke's on Chaney's friend.  His face gets smashed into a wall.

So then Chaney comes into the picture (just after the one minute mark) and goes on a rampage against several men (including a ninja).  Near the end of the clip he even brutally attacks the prankster woman along with another woman.

Now back to real life.  During the late 1980s Chaney had a rebellious teenage daughter and a demented toddler son.  I remember that he had relationship problems with women (reference the above clip for a possible clue as to why that was).  His life was a mess.

Brian, Scott, Todd
(late 1988)

My brother Todd is also a perpetual delinquent (look at his face).  That's why Master Chaney had to "teach him a lesson" on numerous occasions.

Confessions of a Former Big Pharma Rep (video)

How Many Americans Have Died in Iraq?
(The state department has been lying to you yet again.)

They tell me today is Independence Day.  Independence from whom?  From God?  Because I can't find any Godly values being promoted by any of the social institutions within this land.

You think I'm going to wave the American flag around today and sing "God Bless America" when I know that the United States government murders and tortures people around the world... including its own citizens?  Only ignorant fools celebrate that kind of lawlessness.

"Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men..."
(Isaiah 29:13; KJV)

There are people who are afraid to write to me through e-mail because they fear that their private stories will be intercepted by government agents who will try to harm them.  And yet so many others think that we have a free society.

I'm not worried one bit about any unauthorized persons who might be reading my e-mails.

I'll spell out one of my beliefs in public view:

DEATH to the satanic new world order.  (Revelation 20; New Testament)

What's the worst thing that could happen to me?  I eventually lose my life?  At least I'll die as a free man.  No person on this earth is going to tell me what I can and cannot say.  Freedom in Christ gives me my strength and my courage.

Why do you think I've been so successful throughout the years when I deal with hard-hitting issues that the satanists want to suppress?

Obedience to Christ.  That's the key, folks.  It really is that simple.  God is in complete control.  If someday He allows the satanists to take my life in order to serve His purpose... then so be it.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  (Job 1:21)

I tell people that those who claim to be Christians should not lie... and there are professing Christians who have aggressively resisted this basic simple Christian advice who have even ridiculed and yelled at me because of my core beliefs.  It broke my heart.  I have experienced persecution because of my commitment to Christ.

"And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake."
(Luke 21:17; KJV)

God has given me strong faith in order to keep hope alive.  A sense of humor also helps (which you've seen a lot from me lately) . . .

Say, did I ever tell you about the time when the Arabs forced me to dance with a Russian girl?  Now that was funny stuff.

Dinner with the Russians
Sept. 17, 2001  (Hurghada, Egypt)

My friends are Ruskies.  Suck on that, Homeland Security!

I just created what I think is a pretty funny comedy presentation based on some old sketch routines performed by comedian Conan O'Brien:
If Tom Papania's Life was Made into a Movie

One of my duties as a constituent rep for Focus on the Family was to sign up pastors to receive a weekly briefing from the Focus pastoral minister H.B. London (James Dobson's cousin).  For a paid yearly subscription pastors would receive one fax a week (faxing was our method of delivery then; today this briefing is sent through e-mail).

H.B. London remains in the same position today as he did when I worked for Focus in 1997 (but he is retiring from his Focus position at the end of this month).  I only remember having one encounter with him on the Focus campus (I said "hi" to him as I passed him while walking from one building to another) though I saw him regularly at the monthly Focus chapel programs he led.

Here's the current Facebook picture for Mr. London:

What's with the unnatural formation of his hands?  Why is his left eye (the "all-seeing" eye?) slightly larger than his right eye?

For many years I've studied the words and behavior of many high-level criminal politicians (and also many entertainers) who frequently display the same hand gesture as Mr. London.  The sign displayed above is commonly referred to as the Illuminati pyramid and represents the command and hierarchy of a very organized and powerful (in the worldly sense) pervasive worldwide occult network.

Is H.B. London a willing servant of the globalist criminal cabal?  Yes, of course he is.

He knows all about the fraud within his organization (much of which I have documented on this site) and has no intention of opposing or correcting it.

He knows all about the criminal activity taking place throughout this country and the world and has no intention of warning the thousands of ministry leaders on his mailing list about any of it.  (I'm referring here to the kind of corruption one of my correspondents made him aware of some years ago as explained in this article.)

Mr. London, I'd be glad to meet with you at your headquarters or at a nearby restaurant to discuss this matter with you.  This offer extends to all Focus employees who would like to talk with me.  I live within walking distance of Focus on the Family.

These people have no intention of meeting with me because they know I'm calling for total accountability (which they have no intention of offering anyone).

Update:  H.B. London died at age 81 in October 2018.

I got the first Kids Praise Album when it was released in 1980.  The first song, "Amen, Praise the Lord" was my sister's favorite Psalty song (and mine too).

Don't tell anyone that I still dance to the children's music I grew up on.  It might hurt my image as a rebel.  *wink*

After attending two years of community college here in the Springs I left home and traveled to Palm Beach Atlantic College in August 1995.  Right away I met first year college student Chriss Kloba and his father Dr. Joseph Kloba who were also new to the school after moving away from their home in Virginia (they had ties with Jerry Falwell's Liberty University).

I remember the "Christian raves" me and Chriss attended (free of any drugs or alcohol) on the PBA campus (complete with state-of-the-art sound systems and smoke and lights).  Chriss was heavily into the "Christian" punk metal scene and when he danced he jumped up and down and thrashed his head up and down.  Whereas I danced like a Backstreet Boy to my favorite hip-hop music (like I still do today).

I had some great times with Chriss.  I'll never forget the time in the fall of '96 when the two of us (along with three freshman girls) were met by a would-be attacker in the nearby cemetery we were walking inside late one night (we were trespassing).  Just wait until I fully tell that story someday.

But by my third semester at PBA I was deeply depressed about many things and it was time for me to get out of there.  I was so sad to leave the small group of friends that I had met on that campus.  The last time I had contact with Chriss was in late 2000 through e-mail.  I had asked him for the contact info of some of the girls we knew in our Bible study.  He promised to get back to me but he never did.

Recent attempts to connect with some of my old PBA friends have also been ignored.  I know there are differences between us.  I rejected the establishment that they themselves believe and thrive in.  But I wish they would at least talk to me.  I'd love to discuss with them all of the amazing things I've learned in just the last decade.

Dr. Joe Kloba is the professor I (anonymously) referenced in my blockbuster Focus on the Family report where I alluded to his comments about Dr. James Dobson's controlling nature.  It's amazing to me how I have been linked to similar experiences with people I "just happen" to meet throughout the country.  I truly believe that God has directed me to certain people.  Heck, less than one year after I left PBA I was "running into" people at Focus on the Family here in Colorado who I had first met in Florida!

This leads me to a troubling and horrendous subject that I am compelled by the Spirit of God to bring to your attention.  Many years ago my dad (then a volunteer at Focus) told the story about how he gave former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese directions to the restroom when Meese showed up at the organization.

Now look at a fairly recent picture to see who also had an encounter with Ed:

Joe Kloba and Ed Meese

Meese resigned as U.S. Attorney General in 1988 after he was charged with complicity in the Wedtech scandal.  But it's not his financial misdeeds or even his role in the Iran-Contra affair that troubles me as much as something else . . .

Can somebody tell me why in 1988 pedophile ringleader Lawrence King told a reporter that he admired Ed Meese?  (see this book page by Nick Bryant on the Franklin scandal).

Perhaps King's remark gives us some context to understand Daniel Hopsicker's 2006 article referencing Meese's vile sexual perversions and why that would make him (and his network) prone to do some very bad things to cover it all up.

I think Meese spent too much time looking at the worst kinds of lewd photos during the mid-1980s when he was appointed to lead the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography.  (James Dobson was also appointed to work on that same commission.)

President Ronald Reagan once said of his good friend:  "If Ed Meese is not a good man, there are no good men."  (source)

That tells you what Reagan knew.  (So stop idolizing him!)

I've written the definitive expose' on one of the largest religious organizations in America.  I've informed the public that those who claim to be pro-life are in reality pro-death.  I also mentioned that there was a young man who tipped me off to the lying nature of the Focus on the Family upper-management.  I'm going to give up the name of my source after concealing his identity for just over thirteen-and-a-half years.

The person who told me that the Focus management was hiding the knowledge of Tom Papania's fraud from the public was... Brian Kuiper.  His brother Ben worked in my Constituent Response team in the Operations building.  Brian Kuiper and all of the other Focus deceivers need to be publicly called out on their sin if there is to be any chance of repentance and redemption for them.  (I personally think that these people's hearts have become so hardened over the years of their ongoing hypocrisy and fraud that redemption may not be possible.  I'd like for them to prove me wrong.)

Brian Kuiper was and still is a Focus technical employee and self-described "smart mouth" (as all "techies" are).  The effeminate man-boy wore a lady's earring in one of his ears.  And that emasculated nerd once told me that he liked to antagonize people.  He was a real punk.  All these years later I'm still a little surprised that he told me what he did.  But before he gave me the secret info he made me promise that I would not tell anyone what he wanted me to know.  (I made the promise not knowing the gravity of the secret.  After many years of protecting his name I finally declared "time up" for him.  While he was receiving steady years of paychecks from Focus I was the target of people's hate and slander because of that info.  My original promised silence and generous extended period of grace toward him has expired.)  My memory tells me that I was given the info right after lunch on a Friday afternoon.  I became deeply troubled and immediately (and on very short notice) had my supervisor schedule me to have the following week off using the vacation time I had accrued.  While on "vacation" (and in misery) I tried to figure out what to do about my employment.  There was no one in my life who I could go to for counsel or advice (even though I knew what I had to do regarding the situation it would have been nice to have some support).  I wasn't attending church regularly at that time and I knew that all of the local churches I had been involved with over the years absolutely loved Jim Dobson and his organization and would never believe or act on the news I had for them (some things never change).

After learning about the deceptive nature of the Focus management I worked only another one day-and-a-half before I quit my job.  I returned to Focus from my vacation on a Monday and was completely miserable.  People could see the look of sorrow and anguish on my face.  I came to the realization that those who are willing to conceal evidence of fraud would seek to discipline or terminate my employment if I made any inquiries about it to management.  I decided to leave that place on my own terms.  So the day after I returned from vacation (on Tuesday, September 9, 1997) I wrote an e-mail to my team members telling them about my depression and walked out of the building before they could even read it.  I learned later that they went into panic mode and entered into an emergency prayer session.  My supervisor was not at work that day so the director of the counseling department came over from the Administration building to oversee my team members.

The last two nights before I quit my job I was haunted by evil apparitions (milky white in appearance) that were intentionally awaking me from my sleep.  I was actually sleep deprived my last two days at Focus.  Immediately after I walked out of my job at Focus a peace came over me and the apparitions stopped.  About a year-and-a-half earlier when I was attending college in Florida I showed up one Sunday evening at an outdoor worship service at the Chapel by the Lake which was owned by the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach.  It was during that worship service that I saw appear out of nowhere a supernatural collection of bright white sparkling lights that were hovering over the musicians on the stage.  I was standing in the back of the assembly and sensed from the non-reaction of the crowd that I was probably the only person who could see the phenomenon.  Well, the very afternoon that I walked out of Focus I drove directly to my parents' house where I was living at the time.  I went into my bedroom and laid down on my bed and had tears coming out of my eyes.

That's when I saw it.  As I was laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling of my room the bright white sparkling lights appeared once again and were hovering over me.  The glory of God had descended right above me and I felt His peace.

On the day I left Focus I got a call at my home from my supervisor Randy Selvage (the criminal).  He was experiencing foot pain and called me from his home to tell me that there were a lot of upset people at Focus.  A short time later an employee from my team by the name of Chaz actually showed up at my family's house and we went for a drive together and talked (Chaz was cool).  But in my communication with Selvage I did agree to meet with the director of the Focus counseling department.

Two days after I quit my job I visited the third-story level of the Administration building to meet with the counseling director.  I couldn't tell anyone why I quit my job because I gave my word to Brian Kuiper that I wouldn't tell anyone about the fraud he had made me aware of.  The counselor, Willy Wooten, thought he was real clever.  Without knowing specifically why I was depressed he asked me, "Do you know what a self-fulfilling prophecy is?" and misquoted a verse from the book of Proverbs by stating: "as a man thinketh so he is."  Willy was implying that I had created my own problems by thinking negative thoughts.  That was wrong and very presumptuous of you, Willy.

[In one sense what Willy said to me was true.  I had entered into employment at Focus with the understanding that it was a Christian ministry and became very discouraged when I learned the truth about how that place really operates.  But it is people like Willy who perpetrate the myth that Christianity is the foundation for that corporation.]

In the past I've stated that Focus employees and their supporters are trained to tell me that every problem is my fault.  In the future I'm going to give you more examples of how they have done this to me.  What I've written here will eventually be turned into a major article.

But I need to stress a point.  Many Focus employees and their supporters are consumed with pride and hate (and all of them seem to live in a kind of hypnotic trance).  Some of the most hateful and backwards e-mail messages I've ever received came from a Focus media rep by the name of David Gasak in late 2002.  (I first met Dave in 1997; he was a new "believer" with worldly attachments.)

2019 update:  Some years ago David Gasak rejected the Christian faith and then married another man.  I kid you not.  This is God's judgment here.  Let this be a sobering witness on what can happen to those who disrespect God's Word and mock His servants.

This world is satan's kingdom.  The prince of darkness, through his many earthly agents, has infiltrated and corrupted every major social institution on this planet.  This is especially true within the world of Christendom.  For most of my life people (mostly professing Christians) have been my greatest persecutors.

Let me explain one of the reasons why those within the Charismatic movement are so deceitful and immoral.  This desire for miracles and the power of God may sound Godly and super-spiritual but it is the wrong thing to be obsessed with.  I certainly believe in miracles and the power of God but I would be no better than the average televangelist if I were to try to draw unbelievers into a "saving faith" by directing their focus on miracles when an old school evangelist like myself knows that preaching about repentance from sin is absolutely essential to produce real faith.

"An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall be no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonah."
(Matthew 12:39; KJV)

The sign of Jonah is the message of repentance.  While many signs are given to believers in Christ it is not the will of God for me to respond to the carnal nature of evildoers by dazzling them with mighty miracles.

Many people within the Charismatic movement believe that faith in miracles is the tell-tale sign of a Godly individual.  Very rarely do you hear these people stress the need for obedience to the commandments of the Lord Jesus.  And when corrupt ministers (like those seen on every "Christian" TV network) do in fact use words like obedience it is almost always used in a deceitful manner:  "Be obedient to God and sow your seed gift of $1000!"  The word seed to a TV preacher always means money.  In one parable told by the Lord Jesus (in Matthew 13) the word seed is used to describe the word of God.  But you will never hear any of these false teachers tell their followers to plant the word of God into the lives of people as a way to receive God's blessings.  [Understand that the Biblical meaning of the word of God refers to God's wisdom and plan of salvation whereas deceivers will incorrectly take the phrase the word of God and associate it with their greedy prosperity message.]

I attended Palm Beach Atlantic College (PBA) for three semesters (1995-96).  I recently learned that one of my college professors, Dr. Daniel "Danny" Goodman, died unexpectedly just over two years ago at the young age of 40.  So when I knew the man in 1996 he was a young professor in his late 20's.

Goodman was one of the reasons I left PBA early (I left in December of '96, half-way into the school year).  During the spring semester of '96 I attended his basic course in New Testament study.  That's when I learned that the man did not believe homosexuality is a sin.  In the fall of '96 I attended Goodman's "upper-level" New Testament class.  In both classes I learned that Goodman did not view the Scriptures as Holy Spirit inspired.

I remember attending a weekly PBA Christian gathering (called Thursday Night Live) when Goodman was the speaker one night.  As I was listening to his speech an alarming thought occurred to me.  In the speech Goodman referred to Jesus as a "tiger" and a revolutionary and told the crowd to be like the revolutionary Jesus.  It dawned on me in a profound way that Goodman's speech could have been given by any non-Christian.  In the speech I did not hear Goodman tell the students to surrender their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ or even hear him refer to Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

I was offended by Goodman's "liberal" (ungodly) theology.  Near the end of my last semester at PBA a sickness would develop in my throat just minutes before Goodman's class would begin.  I remember one of the last morning chapel programs I attended (in late '96) where the visiting guest speaker encouraged students to doubt their faiths.  The sickness in my throat became so bad I thought I was going to vomit.  I was sitting close to the front of the stage in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach (where chapel services were held) and my friend, seeing my pain, asked me if I was alright.  (My old friend is the son of a PBA psychology professor, a professor who today is the provost of PBA.)  Shortly after that chapel service I heard Goodman tell some people that it was one of the best PBA services he had attended (and he admitted that he didn't like most of the chapel programs).

[I have a very sensitive spirit and I can sense when something is very wrong.  The physical manifestation of becoming sick upon hearing God's Word contradicted or rejected is not one of the manifestations you will hear touted by any of the phony "Christian" revival centers in North America.]

Danny Goodman was also involved with "interfaith dialogue" between Christians and Jews.  It was made clear to me at PBA that the purpose of the dialogue was not to evangelize Jews with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Goodman eventually had a falling out with PBA leadership because of his radical views (see The Palm Beach Post).  He last taught at the Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity.  This is what that school's website posted about his death:

Goodman was described by Rabbi Irving Greenberg, former chairman of the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC and a national leader in Jewish-Christian dialogue in America, as "an up-and-coming scholar...a leader in the new vision of interpretation and learning."
[Source: Associated Baptist Press]

This rabbi made my point about Goodman better than I ever could.  When a rabbi praises you for your "new vision of interpretation and learning" you know you've gone off the deep end.  I've studied the Talmud (the holiest book for religious Jews) and I know about its contempt and hatred for Gentiles and Christians.  It's hard for me to believe that Goodman did not know about these Jewish heresies.  All available evidence leads me to believe that Goodman sold his soul in order to have a place at the enemy's table.

That Danny Goodman was able to work as an ordained Baptist minister tells us a lot about the Baptist churches who were eager to have him as their teacher.

A must read for all Christians:
The Truth about the Talmud

The above linked article contains a direct rebuke to Danny Goodman's friend, the aforementioned rabbi Irving Greenberg who was formerly chairman of the Jewish holocaust museum in Washington, D.C.:

American taxpayers' subsidy of the so-called "U.S. Holocaust Museum" in Washington, D.C., is yet another indicator of the gradual establishment of a Jewish state religion in the U.S.  This "Holocaust museum" excludes any reference to holocausts perpetrated by Jewish Communists against Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe, from 1917 onward.

The focus of the museum is almost entirely on Jewish suffering.  Holocausts perpetrated by Israelis against Arabs in Lebanon and Palestine since 1948 are nowhere to be found in the exhibits of the U.S. "Holocaust Museum," which functions more like a synagogue than a repository of objective historical information.

2012 World Leaders Conference to be Held on the Campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University
(Key speakers include the war criminal Tony Blair.  The article also mentions a pastor named Tom Mullins, founder of Christ Fellowship.  In 1996 I shook hands with Mullins on one of the occasions I visited his church.)

A girl feeds me a potato chip on a Florida beach (1996)
(the highlight of my college experience)

The article I released in August on the corruption of Focus on the Family still has not been listed in the Google search engine (whereas three of my newer articles have already been listed).  [UPDATE:  The article was finally listed in Jan. 2011.]  I loaded the Focus article with the kind of anti-establishment issues WikiLeaks would never touch.  This makes me wonder about the continuous non-stop press coverage of WikiLeaks.  I don't buy the idea that world governments are being held hostage by "secret cable" information leaks released by one man and his organization.  If Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were a legitimate threat to the world "elite" they would be ignored or worse.

We should also be very skeptical when members of America's corrupt ruling class petition us for our charitable contributions supposedly to aid in whatever recovery effort is being promoted at the time.  Billions of dollars around the world were raised and pledged to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake took place in that country.  Yet now even the mainstream media admits that only a small trickle of that relief money has made it into the small country.  The company I work for donated millions of dollars in medical supplies that volunteer doctors used for surgeries of injured people.  But today food and clean water are in short supply and shelter is also a major concern along with the outbreak of diseases.  Only a very tiny fraction of the rubble of collapsed buildings has been cleared.

So who do we blame for the almost non-existent recovery?  Who were the spokesmen in America for the Haiti disaster relief?  It was former U.S. Presidents GHW Bush, his son GW Bush and Bill Clinton.  I saw and heard the snickering weasel GW Bush on TV tell people:  "Don't send your blankets.  Just send cash."  Yeah, the Bush cronies and their allies don't want your blankets.  All the money raised by compassionate Americans were added to the fortunes of America's ruling crime families.  But that's not the worst part of it.  If you've read the link given below (on 1/26/10) you have the understanding that those who have profited off this disaster may very well have caused it to happen.

The synagogue of satan (imposter Jews) and their apostate Christian allies:
The Khazarian Conspiracy (video)

The extent of today's most prominent forms of deception goes beyond the mainline churches and are advocated even by a lot of so-called discernment ministries.  One author, Bill Randles, who's writings are promoted by, made the statement:

"...there is nothing the modern state of Israel would welcome more than to live in peace with her hostile neighbors."

Tell that to the families of the unarmed flotilla civilians who were murdered by Israeli commandoes as they tried to deliver aid to the impoverished Palestinians living in Gaza.  It would also benefit Mr. Randles and those like him to learn the meaning of the motto for the Israeli secret service, the Mossad:

"By way of deception shall we make war."

That sounds like a recipe for a false flag attack.  In other words, launch a terrorist attack and blame the attack on your enemies in order to create reason for war.  But today this ungodly nation calling itself "Israel" doesn't always need to frame people and countries in order to create war.  It can without provocation murder people in broad daylight with the full knowledge of the world... and get away with it (temporarily at least... until the day these murderers and deceivers meet a righteous God).

It is in the nature of these spiritual descendants of the Pharisees to lie and destroy (John 8:44).

American and Israeli leaders are beating the war drums against the only nations they can't control by using various propaganda to demonize these countries that stand in the way of their imperialistic agendas.  Make no mistake about it.  World War III will be instigated by this "Israel" abomination and its Western allies.

If you're like me you were raised in the Western churches and trained to believe the blasphemous lie that "the modern state of Israel can do no wrong and must always be supported."  That's one of the main reasons we have an apostate (rebellious) church system.  If you are trained to believe that you must bless evil you will yourself become evil.

In addition to being in violation of God's commandment ("thou shalt not kill"), do you really believe a righteous God would want you to bless a nation that outlaws Christian evangelism?  Despite the lack of religious freedom in that nation the lying world media outlets declare modern Israel to be the only free society ("democracy") in that part of the world.

Further down within this column are links to articles that dispel the notion that the modern nation state calling itself "Israel" is legitimate.  That Middle-Eastern nation is in reality a secular state comprised of Christ-hating (imposter) Jews.  Within that nation one day the antichrist spoken of in the Bible will rule from Jerusalem.  Only an apostate nation would welcome the worst deceiver of all time.  The final antichrist to come does not rise to power out of a vacuum.  The occult secret societies that rule our planet have planned it this way and laid the foundation for the ultimate dictator (in fulfillment of the Scriptures).

If my earlier writings did not convince you as to why I've been blacklisted by my country's Jewish-owned media corporations I would hope that now you will begin to understand.

Related Link:
Is Zionism of God? (pdf)

Who are Abraham's Children?

What's really going on in Haiti?

The November 2006 national U.S. elections saw the Democratic party capture the House of Representatives and the Senate.  The elections that year represented a backlash by American voters against the Bush White House and their Republican allies.  Many of the war-weary public believed that the Democrats would help bring an end to the U.S. led wars on foreign soil and even lead to impeachment procedures against George W. Bush.

But their hope was short-lived.  With a plastic smile on her face one of the first things the newly elected Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the American public was that talk of impeachment was "off the table."  It should have been clear to the public then and there that they had been deceived.  For there is truly only one political force in our nation (which goes by two different names).  Bush & Company got away with high crimes against the populations of the world and the wars continued.

At the time I had hoped that the incident would help educate the American public about the true nature of politics in our nation: politicians do not represent the will of the American people.  But most did not see the writing on the wall.  A large segment of the public would get hoodwinked once again by a new charismatic superstar in the Democratic party.  In 2007 a man by the name of Barack Obama promised the American public that the first thing he would do if elected President was to bring all our troops home.

See and hear the 15 second YouTube Obama campaign promise:
Barack Obama Promised to End War as First Priority as President

So you see, Obama is a well established liar.  And this nation's corrupt media outlets do not hold him accountable.  In fact, they act as his cheerleaders.  I knew before Obama was elected President that he would escalate the wars overseas.  I know who groomed him and I know who his handlers are.  In other words, I know the agenda of his masters who put him into office.

Now after nearly a year as U.S. President Obama maintains the continuation of the Iraq war and has called for an increase of thousands of troops in Afghanistan.  We have yet a third U.S. undeclared war on Pakistan.  And in this twisted world the warmongering leader of the U.S. is rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.

We're living in George Orwell's book "1984" where war is peace and lies are truth.  This is madness.  Where's the outrage?

Put your hope only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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