Suggested Cast of Characters to Star in a Movie about Tom Papania

If the fraudulent life of Tom Papania is made into a movie here are
some suggestions as to who should play the roles of the people
who have interacted with Tom over the years . . .

The part of former Wise Guy Rocky Scarfone will be played by actor Joe Pesci:

The part of wanna-be mob enforcer Tom Papania will be played by comedian Tom Papa:

Corporate whistle-blower Brian Karjala (that's me) will be played by my four year-old self:

(because exposing Papania's fraud is so easy any child could do it)

Religious leaders Pat Robertson and James Dobson will be played by
the two old men from The Muppet Show:

The two Australians Wayne and Andrew (from will be played by
Crocodile Dundee and the Crocodile Hunter:


The corporate-owned media who refuse to report this story of widespread fraud
and cover-up will be played by a flock of chickens:

Censorship of Tom Papania's Fraud)

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