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Brian Karjala

(October 19, 2017)

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Brian and I am a Christian (born again/repentant) who resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  I am 42 years old and live with my wife Cyndi and our young daughter Abby (pictures of Abby).

My past experiences with churches include the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements, Assemblies of God, independent Charismatic venues as well as many other forums which give me an understanding of the systemic deception comprising the world of "Charismania" (a world comprising millions of people).  The deceit practiced by Pentecostal / Charismatic and (closely aligned) New Evangelical preachers and believers must be exposed if people are to be set free from this psuedo-Christian belief system (see Jude 3; New Testament).  So I join my voice with others in raising an outcry against this apostasy of our day.

If your faith is in man and in the institutions of this world you may have a difficult time reading through this website.  If your faith is securely planted in the Lord Jesus Christ you have nothing to fear.

You may notice from some of my articles that the Lord has placed me in a lot of very interesting situations throughout my life.  None of what I've experienced is an accident.

I do not maintain a mailing list to send out mass e-mails.  Be sure to browse my Updates section for unique and valuable information on important subjects.

I do not give recommendations on attending any "churches" that are structured as corporations (those listed as 501c3 government entities).  I am in Christian fellowship with my family members.  [We are members of the Body of Christ: a Church without walls.]

A short biblical explanation on why this website will always be free to the public (and one of the primary reasons the carnal ministries of our era will not associate with me in any way):
No Donations Needed

When time permits I will add more articles to this site.  If there is anything I can do for you please send me an e-mail using the contact info provided below.  I accept prayer requests.  But due to time constraints I cannot accept invitations to join and participate in social media activities.

Photo Gallery:

A brief history of my surname Karjala:
A Karjala Product

Outdoor wedding photo:
Brian & Cyndi's Wedding Day (2011)

As a young girl my sister Kristy was featured in a newspaper story about a physical therapy technique called patterning:
Karjala Family Newspaper Picture (1978)
(I was 3 years old.)

My kindergarten class photo:
Maranatha Christian Academy (1980)

On September 11, 2001, traveling alone I arrived in the land of Egypt where, because of terror attacks, I was exiled for just over one week (which coincided with the length of my vacation, but if I had wanted to leave Egypt before the end of my scheduled trip it would not have been possible due to international airport shutdowns):
Egyptian Vacation Photos (2001)
(turned out to be a great and interesting vacation, though sad and frustrating at times)

My family's visit to a Las Vegas underground home:
Mary Henderson's Underground House (1987)
(home featured on the Travel Channel)

A tribute to my sister:
Remembering Kristy

Video Gallery:

I am related to two U.S. Presidents (on my mother's side):
My Grandfather, Eugene Adams (16 seconds; YouTube)

This California clip (from the late 1970s) starts off with me walking along a poolside in Huntington Beach and then shows my Grandma Karjala, my mom Suzie (Susan) and my sister Kristy and myself at Disneyland in Anaheim:
Disneyland Visit (52 seconds; YesVideo)
(check out my reaction to the gigantic chipmunk)

Me learning to ride a bike:
Neighborhood Bike Riding (1 minute, 3 seconds; YouTube)

My mother Susan Karjala appeared on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune (original air date: 10/31/1988).  She came in second place with $2,350.00 in winnings.  Our resident Las Vegas NBC station aired a promo for the show:
Wheel of Fortune Promo (26 seconds; YesVideo)

(For more family videos search for my name on YouTube.)

Baby Abby, Cyndi & Brian
(July 27, 2014)

Wedding Day
(December 31, 2011)

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