The Corruption of Focus on the Family

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Testimony of Former Focus on the Family Employees and the Public

The Corruption of Focus on the Family

Compiled by Brian Karjala

I worked for the Focus mailing services department in the summer of 1996 and for the Focus constituent response department for most of 1997.

In the late summer of 1997 I learned covertly from another employee that a popular Focus radio guest, Tom Papania, is a fraud.  I quit my Focus job very shortly thereafter.  I made the decision that I would not sell a fraudulent tape or work for those who sold it.

My Focus supervisor, Randy Selvage, does not have that kind of integrity.  I quit my Focus job in September 1997 and Selvage was fired from Focus in April 1998.  We worked as constituent response representatives (CRRs; Selvage refers to them as TSRs).  Selvage went on to work for a construction company that he bankrupted through embezzlement.

Some years ago Selvage (wearing an ankle bracelet) found this website and contacted me through e-mail.  He admitted doing wrong in ruining a company but then went on to put the blame on his victims.  I questioned the man on certain issues and discovered inconsistencies for which he would not answer for.  He became angry and belligerent when I promised to expose him publicly.  Randy Selvage is a deviant conman and should be avoided by all:

Former Focus Supervisor Randy Selvage Convicted of Embezzlement

But before Selvage exploded in anger toward me he gave me information regarding the management scene at Focus.  Keep in mind that Selvage is a convicted felon and know that his claims about the circumstances surrounding his termination at Focus are not the whole story.  As you read this excerpt from one of his e-mails you will see that this man did not have a problem working for people he knew were engaging in deception:

(December 10, 2005)

FOF politics - hmmm..... when we had management meetings we would only get half stories.  They (higher muckity mucks) thought the less people knew about what was happening the better off they would be.  For instance, if you didn't know that FOF knew that Tom Papania (spelling?) was a con or a fake, then you couldn't be, personally, a liar in "pushing" the stock.  It was to protect you (in general).  The less you know, the less you're responsible for in the end - whatever that is.

FOF was in many, many ways the best placed I've ever worked and the worst.  It opened my eyes to how "church people" worked together.  I don't blame them for firing me, just the way they did it.  The month before I was terminated I disagreed totally with my immediate manager, and I should have seen it coming - her retaliation.  I actually did laugh some at the meeting in HR when it came time to terminate me.  It was a hoot.  She had been very sneaky and had a couple of folks within the dept.  (TSR's) watching and listening at my office behind the "walls".  I did not do things the exact way that I was supposed to - I had bounced a check at the bookstore and didn't fix it right away - I did tell one of the TSR's to go to the store and pick up something for the team and it didn't have to be on her own time, but on mine - I did some other un-Focus-dox- so they had grounds.  I've heard from a few, but I didn't return some letters (while incarcerated) and didn't renew friendships with others upon my return to civilized life.

Believe it or not, the management always made their decisions prayerfully - or so they thought - and were "led" of God to do whatever it is they did.  I understood that FOF didn't know that Papania's story wasn't completely truthful until several months after it aired, as I remembered.  There were a couple of other broadcast while I was there that got cut short (only ran 1 day and part 2 or 3 never got aired) because of inaccuracy's in the story.  Usually, the guest were investigated before anything ran, then prayed over (???) and so forth.  If someone called in - a constituent - and made a complaint, that was taken seriously and they researched some more.  It happened a couple of times as I remember.  In several meetings we would get some info - but also told not to tell our teams as they needed not to be encumbered with ministry problems.

There were a lot - people came and went pretty quickly there.  A mgr. got fired for viewing porn at work, we were told he quit, and in hushed tones some of us were told why.  People were caught in closets and what have you playing kissy face and more with someone who was not their spouse, one never really got the full story about anything.  It was a need to know basis, and that is pretty well how any company is run - Christian or otherwise.  FOF is a business above all - I don't care what is preached - and it wasn't always like that.  But with money starts coming in with 8 zeros after it, it takes a lot to control that amount.  It was no Sunday school class that's for sure.  There were standards to live up to and the interpretation of those standards were sometimes left up for mgrs. to interrupt to fit their cause at that time.

Another testimony:

(August 20, 2004)


You may not remember me, but my son is David [edited], your brother Todd's friend from New Life Church, then WVC.  I've since remarried, and my name is now Mary [edited].  My new husband & I and my daughter Rosey (you may remember Rosey) no longer live in Colorado Springs.  Although we miss the mountains and the rivers and beautiful scenery, we don't miss certain other elements of Colorado Springs.

This evening, I stumbled upon your website, and couldn't stop reading.  However, when I realized who you were (Todd's brother), I was even more captured (and appalled) by the content of your site.

For five years, I assumed I was the only one (or at least one of a small minority) who had been mistreated, and unfairly "dismissed" from Focus.  For several years now, I have blamed myself for not doing "something" right.

My story:  I was fired from my position in Constituent Response, after a rumor was circulated to the effect that I was dating a married man.  That accusation was NOT true.  I defended myself, even bringing in proof of my future husband's divorce (which had taken place several years earlier).  I was told that in all probably I had forged the papers.  I was taken to a back "conference" room, and "interrogated" (read: threatened and humiliated) by two supervisors for over two hours without benefit of any fair treatment.  After leaving the conference room, I went directly to Human Resources to file a grievance, but was ignored.  Although I repeatedly requested an opportunity to speak personally to the person who started the rumor, I was refused that right.

For the remainder of my time with Focus (a mere few weeks), I was followed, my work was scrutinized as never before, and the work atmosphere made unbearable.  I was also accused, repeatedly, of leaving my "work station" without "permission."  This was not true, either.  While in the prayer room one afternoon, a supervisor broke in to the room so violently that the door slammed against the wall (I have a witness).  I was in the prayer room on my break time, and was not violating any "rule" that I was aware of at the time.  What had once been a place I enjoyed working in rapidly became a very ugly and oppressive environment.  I had co-workers "jokingly" tell me that I had the "Focus Gestapo" after me, and I should quit while I could.

When the atmosphere became totally intolerable, I decided to leave Focus and gave my resignation for the next month.  However, I was told, by my supervisor, not to return to work.  To add insult to injury, I was notified, by letter, that I "owed" Focus money for leaving my position early--for leaving "without sufficient notice."

I know David also had a very unpleasant experience with Focus.  As a family, we were going through a very difficult time that year (actually since the death of David's father), and we could have used support to hold our family together instead of being recipients of slander and unfair treatment.  As you know, I was a widow with two minor children, and my job at Focus was my only means of support for my family.  I was also going to school full-time, which added to the stress.  There is so much more I could tell you, but I guess this is enough for now.

I was sorry to hear of your sister's passing.  You and your family are in my prayers.  I congratulate you on your courage in posting this website.  Blessings & Shalom!

In His Name,

Mary [edited]
PS:  I worked with Andrea, who was referred to in one of your links.  I was shocked to hear that she, too, had been fired.  I worked with Andrea, and knew her to be a very dedicated employee and active supporter of Focus--and a very strong Christian woman.  If you should see her, please give her my best regards.

The public has been catching on to the deception of Dobson/Focus:

(August 2, 2007)

Hi Brian,

I have read your material on FOF.  I must say that I for one believe you regarding their dishonesty.  Also, I believe that I wrote to you a few years ago regarding my experience with FOF.  I protested Dr. Dobson's June 1996 News- letter, and his July 11, 1996, radio broadcast celebrating Thomas Jefferson as one of "our heroes."

First of all, I don't believe that Thomas Jefferson, who denounced and butchered the Gospels by removing all miracles, mocked the virgin's birth of Christ (as a fable), as well as his resurrection, should ever be honored as (our heroes) by members of the Body of Christ.  Also, Thomas Jefferson was very brutal.  In that he (and others) enslaved many kidnapped Africans at gunpoint.  He is also remembered for "breeding" of forcing those persons to commit fornication, adultery, and incest.  All for the love of money.

I protested the Newsletter and the broadcast (It was not in line with family values teaching).  When I ordered the tape it had been edited by FOF, and I was told that it was never said by Dr. Dobson.  James Dobson got on the air and said that he didn't say it.  Lying seems to come so easily for Jim and FOF.

Someone indicated to me that there are probably many like us, who have been left to bleed out, and are strewn along James Dobson's road.  There is much more that I won't say at this time, but your/the truth will be standing when all of the smoke clears.

With regards


Dobson/Focus staff members have been alerted to some serious problems in our society and have done nothing about them:

(August 15, 2007)

Dear Brian,

Approximately one year before the 2004 election I gave six hours of video tape to Mrs Beverly London, wife of James Dobson's cousin.  I assumed Mrs. London and her husband viewed the video and gave the tape to James.  Some weeks later I received a phone call from the office of Dr. James Dobson.  His assistant who was very high up at Focus whose name I've forgotten informed me that the information on the videos had been viewed by James and himself.  He stated that Focus wanted to express their appreciation and deep concern over the content of the six hrs. of video, but it was simply outside the perimeters of the ministry to address the issues that the video brought to light.  He also stated that Focus would also like to send me a letter of thanks and would I mind giving them my mailing address.  I said it was not necessary, but that I would like to send them more videos from other sources to confirm beyond any shadow of doubt the truthfulness of the first six hour tape just in case Focus would some day expand its perimeters.  I also stated that if Focus was not concerned enough to take some kind of action then at least he as an individual and Christian could act responsibly.  I also said I would gladly send them directly to him so that he could educate himself on the material.  He sheepishly apologized and informed me that he had a disabled child and that he had all he could handle with work and home.

The content of these tapes dealt with the topics of Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove with both organization financing of Hitler with Bush family involvement.  The content also included information about The Franklin Cover-up case, a pedophile sex ring during the Reagan & Bush administration with children being taken to the White House & Bohemian Grove.  The video tape also revealed CIA drug running during from Vietnam to Iran- Contra with Bush & Oli North connection and CIA mind control sex slaves, Brice Taylor & Cathy O'Brien, who have not only testified on video tape but written books about their abuse with the Bushes, Reagan, etc.  Also included on the tape was Mike Ruppert LAPD detective whistle-blower on CIA drug running, 911 and the Bush connection.  Most all of this information is now on the internet and available for your own research.  Here are some internet, google video and youtube searches for you: JFK speech on secret societies, Bohemian Grove Exposed, Monopoly Men, Skull & Bones fund Hitler
On Google Video check out: Mike Ruppert Truth & lies of 911, Anthony Sutton & Stan Monteith, 911 Mysteries, FBI Ted Gunderson on Satanism, Mind control goes public, 911 Press for Truth & Secrets of the CIA.  On the internet look up Brownsville Satanic Cult, Margie Shoedinger Death, Abramoff Watergate sex ring, Johnny Gosch/Jeff Gannon, John Buchanan 911 Alex Jones, Mind control Brice Taylor, Mind control Cathy O'Brien, Billy Graham & Oral Roberts Deception.

God be with you,


Apparently Dobson did not learn anything from Roger because he endorsed GW Bush for president in 2004.  As this website has reported for years, both the 2004 Republican and Democratic nominees for U.S. president were members of the same occult-based secret society (Skull & Bones).  Dobson knows full well that if he were to expose the false left/right "liberal/conservative" paradigm as a deception and a trap he would no longer be invited as a guest on the cable news programs.  Dobson knows how the game is played.  He is a sell-out.

But before Dobson or Focus can expose the sins of public officials they first have to clean their own houses!  There are two pedophiles that I know of who have been reported to have worked for Focus on the Family . . .

Private investigator Bobby Brown had identified an (unnamed) individual who is a convicted, self-confessed pedophile who reportedly worked as a writer for Focus on the Family and during that time sexually molested young boys.  Brown says that this individual, because of "power and politics," is currently walking the streets as a free man.  See a 2009 archived copy of Bobby Brown's blog.  (Brown originally promised to fully expose these wrongdoers but later removed from his website all content relating to these criminals.)

In 2009 a Focus narrator, Juan Alberto Ovalle, was publicly exposed as a pedophile after he solicited sex online to an undercover officer posing as an underage teenage girl.

The Deceit of Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family

The Investigation of Tom Papania

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